About Renée Laevsky

Namaste Centered | Renée Laevsky
Namaste Centered | Renée Laevsky
Namaste Centered | Renée Laevsky


  • Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500*, YACEP

  • Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga, Kripalu School of Integrative Yoga Therapy

  • CPR/AED Certified

Hi, I’m Renée Laevsky and I’m excited to share my passion for the healing power of Yoga! I first started practicing Yoga soon after having my son 16 years ago. While I couldn’t place my finger on it, I knew the feeling of calm that I experienced at the end of every class felt...amazing! I quickly learned how Yoga was having an effect on my life, long after the class ended. My practice kept me feeling lean, healthy and flexible, while also somehow helping me navigate the ups and downs of life. So, I began my journey: first as a practitioner, then as a teacher, and finally as a teacher of Yoga Therapy.

Why did I specialize in Yoga Therapy?


After several years of teaching Yoga and observing hundreds of students, I noticed that good health and healing were often sparked not from the physical postures themselves, but from that deeper place of calm that students often discover through their Yoga practice—and I wanted to learn more about why that was.


Yoga, as we typically experience it in Western society, is a fun and safe practice that can absolutely help in the pursuit of good health. Go a little deeper, however, and the strengthening, stretching and alignment cues are only half the story. In fact, the practice of Yoga encompasses much more than just physical postures, such as meditation, breath-work, and mantra, to name a few. Yoga Therapy draws from this full practice and offers a myriad of tools to address both the physical body as well as the deeper layers.


Yoga literally means “to yoke.” It is about connection, and the truth is that there is no way to separate our physical bodily responses from our mental and emotional selves. We are intricately connected to our stress response, our emotions, our beliefs, and even our thought patterns. By addressing those issues, we have the opportunity to heal and live healthier, more balanced lives. Yoga Therapy is a multi-layered practice designed to bring us back to the best expression of ourselves and to bring us back into balance.

Yoga Therapy requires a significant amount of specialized training. Having completed a 500-hour Therapeutic Yoga training at the renowned Kripalu School of Integrated Yoga Therapy, I am currently working toward an 800-hour national certification.

*The yoga therapy components offered by Renée Laevsky are not derived from her status as an 500-RYT® (Registered Yoga Teacher) with Yoga Alliance Registry.  She intends to be conferred with IAYT Yoga Therapist certification in 2021 and offers Advanced Therapeutic Yoga as part of the practicum portion of her 800-hour Professional Yoga Therapist training at Kripalu School of Integrative Yoga Therapy.